Term 3 Gymnastics

Term 3


Success Criteria:
To perform two different kinds of rolls (pencil and hedgehog) correctly.

Next Step:
To learn more advanced rolls like the elephant and circle roll.

Student Voice:
It was hard to keep my legs together, when I am doing the roll.

Term 4 Writing

Term 4 


Student reflection of an author:

An awesome author, uses full stops at the end of sentences.  She sounds out her words to make sure she can spell them correctly. She also uses finger spaces between the words.

Term 4 Discovery

Term 4 


We are learning to engage in positive relationships with others.  
We focus on developing the following key competencies:

Relating to others
Using language, symbols and text
Managing self
Participating and contributing 

Student reflection from a Discovery session: 

Isla won the Discovery badge for managing herself on 6/9/2013. “I manage myself in Discovery and help other students in the garden.”

Term 3 Maths

Term 3 

We are learning to: Measure and weight materials and pour liquids from and into containers.

Success Criteria: We made our own healthy smoothy and fruit salad by cutting, measuring and weighing our fruit.

Term 3 Reading


Teacher question: 

What do good readers do?

Student’s response:

A good reader looks carefully at the words and use their voice to make their reading interesting.  They ask themselves if what they have read makes sense.

Term 4 Dance

Term 4 


Success Criteria:
I can participate, follow instructions, move independently and in time to the music.

 Click on the link below  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SmThM9NDGA

Term 4 Music

Term 4


We are learning to: recognise different sections of music and respond through singing, moving, playing and creating. 

To be successful we need to:
  • Listen carefully to the music
  • Move as directed by the words in the song
  • Sing as we move

Click on the link below:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgQ1_GEC8ZM