Term 4 Swimming

WALT be confident in the water.
Student Voice " I love swimming and I am really confident in the water". 

Term 4 Physical Education

WALT practise our ball skills.
Student Voice " I can throw and catch this ball really well".

Te Reo Term 4

WALT speak Te Reo and use Maori phrases.

Student Voice " I like learning a Maori sentence at Assembly each week then practising it in our classroom". 

Discovery Term 4

WALT use the key competencies.

Student Voice - " I like to be really creative at Discovery time".

The Arts - Art Term 3

WALT make a koru pattern.
Student Voice " I am really proud of my koru pattern".

CARE Term 3

WALT use the Oaklands CARE values every day.

Student Voice " I am a good Community person because I work well with other children in a group".

Discovery Term 3

WALT use our key competencies at Discovery time.

Student Voice - " I like to go to Art and Craft because I like to think about something creative to make".

Maths Term 3 ( Strand)

WALT order and compare objects or events by length by direct comparison using a gingerbread man shape.

Student voice - "I can measure my pen with a ruler and say how tall it is".

Writing Term 3

WALT write a recount.
SUCCESS CRITERIA We will have written about an event that has happened. We will have answered some of these questions - who, what, when,why, when?

Yesterday I went to gymnastics and I did a pencil roll, a hedgehog roll, an elephant roll. Chloe and Jack were in my group. The elephant roll was really really hard for me to do. 

Student Voice - " I have told you who? what? when?

Reading Term 2

WALT skim read so that we can quickly see what the book or story is about.

Student voice " I can be really fast looking through the words to see what the story is about".

Numeracy Term 2

WALT count in 2s,5s and 10s forwards and backwards.
SUCCESS CRITERIA - I can count 2, 4, 6, 8,10  up to 100 and back again
                                      - I can count 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 up to 100 and back again.
                                     -  I can count 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 up to 100 and back again.
Count by 2s,5s,10s. 

Writing Term 2

WALT write a recount.
SUCCESS CRITERIA - We will have written about something that has already happened and we will have  events in the correct order.

When I was two I got a flamingo and its name is called Chelsea. She is cuddly, loving and nice. 

Student Voice - "I have told you about something that happened in the past".

Discovery Term 2


  • Student Voice " I  can think about what to make at Discovery. I am really proud of what I made from paper all by myself". 

Art Term 2

    Today with Mr Shaskey we learned about sketching and drawing. We learned to set the limits, draw the outline and then add the shapes.

    We can follow instructions and sketch some fruit and vegetables

Writing Term 1

WALT write a recount about something that has already happened. 
SUCCESS CRITERIA - Our recount is about an event from the past. 
I played with my friends at school yesterday. We played on the playground and we were happy. 

  Student Voice - " I have written about something that happened yesterday". 

Art Term 1 2014

I am learning to: sketch and paint. 
I can do this when I can: use drawing techniques, mix colours, use different painting strokes and outline a painting.