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PE/Sport Blog, Week 6-7, term 3
You can use any of  following to help you complete your art attack blog

For PE/Sport my goals were to use:
  • Positive relationships with individuals or groups.
  • Positive teamwork

(don’t copy this: Write about some of the following things)
  • From the rubrics below choose where you think you are on the both of the rubrics.
    • PE: Relationships with individuals and groups
    • PE: Teamwork
  • Give evidence

Here is an example (do not copy the evidence - write your own.
PE: Relationships with individuals and groups

I can work in a group with anyone in my year level or team  because I listen to what others suggest and try to carry this out.  I can give suggestions how to improve how we play

PE: Teamwork
I can interact confidently with others in a team and make individual compromises based on identifying ways to improve team outcomes.  I was able to identify ways we could improve when it felt like we were not playing as a team.  I could also listen carefully to advice from others to help us improve our game.

  • I will encourage people to come and work hard and enjoy PE
  • I will participate more fully in PE and help my friends if need be

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